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Buy pure and aromatic Vegetable Ghee, Ghee Oil, Palm Oil in Drum, and more.

Buy premium edible oil from Oillio Commodities SDN BHD- a longstanding company from Malaysia that has grown to be an industry leading manufacturer and exporter of Palm Oil in Drum, Palm Oil in Flexi Bag, Frying Oil, Ghee Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc.

One of the many concerning issues related to edible oil sale worldwide is how many oil producing companies resort to adding lower-cost, lower-quality, and sometimes even harmful substances to edible oils. Whereas some companies follow unethical tactics for financial reasons, others simply try and please customers by selling them cheaper products made of cheap, substandard ingredients. Unlike others, we follow the most advanced oil processing techniques at our aseptic manufacturing plant, also adopting the best measures for process monitoring and product testing. That is why the characteristics of different edible oils we offer are unrivalled, and our entire range sold under the brand names of Oillio and Nutri is widely favored by food retailers, wholesalers and individual customers, globally.

Our Mission

At Oillio Commodities SDN BHD, we follow a straightforward mission- we believe we exist and stand tall in the international market for we empower businesses of many clients. We keep an eye on the evolving tastes and dietary preferences of worldwide customers, and sell only the best grades of competitively priced Palm Oil in Drum, Palm Oil in Flexi Bag, Frying Oil, Ghee Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Whether a buyer is looking for pure oil blends for his/her retail venture, affordable frying oils for his/her foodservice establishment, or hygienically formulated cooking oils with specific fatty acid profiles, we can deliver tailor made solutions to cater to their unique requirements.

Many customers operating in diverse fields like infant and adult nutrition, confectionery, bakery, and chilled and frozen products rely on the quality and purity of our range. We have a team of esteemed product formulation experts, quality testers and research specialists who leverage cutting-edge consumer insights, research and development methods, etc., to offer products that resonate well with the needs of the end-users. They work together to deliver the following benefits to patrons:

  • Exceptional quality products
  • Seamless customer service
  • Just-in-time delivery 
  • Profitable business deals